About Us
We are AXIS Films, a production services company based in London, Zurich and Dublin.

AXIS Films is a production company specialising in the provision of full production services for production companies and agencies creating commercials, feature films, stills, content and music videos.

AXIS Films was founded by and is managed by Producer Robert Leonard, who has a vast and varied amount of film experience from Hollywood blockbusters to top end commercials to music videos for the top rock stars. Along with expert teams in our local markets, we know all the ins and outs of production in the UK, Ireland and Switzerland. That includes finding the perfect locations, crew, working with models, celebrity talent and athletes. We have great relationships with all the top talent agents, and can source the top crew and and cast for your project.

We have worked with clients from around the globe at home, and have also worked around the globe ourselves which means we fully understand the pressures of taking productions abroad. It may not always be the easiest, but it sure is a lot easier when you have the right people by your side. From production management to client comforts, we got your back!

The UK, and London in particular, is about the best to place to shoot in the world no matter what it is you are looking for. London has the best crews, studios, locations and cast around, full stop. On top of that, in recent times the UK has become a very cost effective solution for many productions in comparison to other European countries too. Why not explore the possibility of shooting in the UK by getting in touch with us?

Ireland is a country with a rich tradition for film. Famous for features and dramas, Ireland is fast becoming a top commercials location for those in the know. With an exceptional pool of talent, top class crew, and locations so beautiful and unique, Ireland is a place you really should explore for your shoot. We're here to help out with that!

Switzerland is the home of stunning alpine vistas, countless luxury brands and of course Roger Federer. Conveniently snuggled right in the heart of Continental Europe, we have the huge advantage of being a stones throw from Northern Italy, Southern France, Southern Germany and also Austria. We can be your gateway to working with all that Switzerland and Central Europe has to offer!


AXIS Films provide full production services for a wide range of film and photographic projects in the UK, Ireland and Switzerland. We have very top end production teams ready to help you make your project a success. What sets aside from others is that we have produced many many jobs in the UK and US, and so we know the standards expected from production companies, agencies and clients in these markets. We abide by these standards and raise the bar!


Robert Leonard is a producer with 14 years experience in commercials, films, music videos, documentaries and stills. With a deep understanding of all the areas involved in the film-making process, Robert is accustomed to taking a project from budgeting and research all the way through to post production and delivery. Robert has a wealth of knowledge internationally, a background in Law, and a background on the creative side to boot.

documentary films

With a number of projects currently in development, AXIS Films is dedicated to telling compelling non-fiction stories with a visually beautiful aesthetic. Stay tuned to our documentaries page for updates.


We have worked for years with all of the top talent in the UK, Ireland and Switzerland. We have strong ties to location libraries, casting directors, talent agencies, you name it! If you have a project that you would like to discuss with us, send us a message and let us explore the possibilities together.